Secure and specialized SLMs for legal teams

Build specialized models for your legal team or practice

Large language models can be leveraged effectively in the legal sector, offering significant advantages in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Read on to find out how Arcee’s end-to-end SLM adaptation system can help you build your own model across your legal function.

Infinitely scalable

Discover potential legal-related uses cases and their benefits


Regulatory Compliance

Arcee’s SLM Adaptation System can build models that monitor and ensure compliance with various laws and regulations.

Lower risk of non-compliance
Reduce chance of legal penalties
Maintain a strong reputation in your market

Due Diligence

Automate due diligence processes by identifying key issues and risks in transactions through scanning of legal documents at scale.

Improve time and cost efficiency
Ensure thorough review of key documents
Enhance accuracy


Use your AI to sift through large amounts of electronic data to identify and extract relevant information for litigation.

Increase efficiency
Reduce costs
Be thoroughly prepared for each case

Predictive Analysis

Use Arcee’s SLM Adaptation System to build AIs that analyze past cases to predict potential outcomes of current cases.

Enhance decision-making processes
Enable strategic planning
Be fully prepared for every argument

Legal Writing

Build SLMs to generate drafts of legal documents, memos, and contracts based on your past work and other relevant data.

Save time on getting documents started
Increase productivity
Reduce drafting errors

Contract Review and Analysis

Your Arcee-powered AI can be trained to review and analyze contracts, identify key terms, clauses and potential risks.

Improve efficiency in contract review processes
Reduce human error or ommissions
Enhance cost-effectiveness
Purpose built for SLMs

Train, deploy, and continuously maintain your AI for any use case

Thanks to the domain adaptability of our product, you can efficiently train and deploy your own SLMs across a plethora of use cases, whether it is for internal tooling, or for your customers.

And any use case that suits your organizational needs

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