Arcee x Mergekit

Revolutionizing Language Models

Arcee's Domain Adaptation Kit, powered by MergeKit, enables the training of a smaller language model, which can then be seamlessly merged with a larger model. This innovative approach not only yields significant cost savings and efficiency but also ensures unparalleled scalability and performance

Merge established models with your own trained model for enhanced power

Frequently Asked Questions

All your top questions about MergeKit, answered here.

What are the benefits of using MergeKit?

MergeKit is a great tool for combining the strengths of multiple language models. With MergeKit, you can train a model on just the data that matters to you, and add the capabilities of cutting edge open source models without further training. This brings the benefits of efficiency, cost savings and reduces complexity in your LLM pipeline.

What models work with MergeKit?

MergeKit supports most decoder-only language models implemented in the transformers library. MergeKit features first-class support for Llama, Mistral, Phi-2, StableLM, GPT-NeoX, Mixtral, and many more.

Will Mergekit remain open source?

Yes, MergeKit will remain open source and we will be extending and expanding it to be the most powerful toolkit in the world for model merging.

How do I incorporate MergeKit into my Arcee workflow?

MergeKit is utilized under the hood of the Arcee product in our Adaptation and Alignment layers.

Can I see some examples of how to implement MergeKit?

Absolutely, you can go to the examples folder in the repo for a variety of examples.

How do I get started using MergeKit?

The easiest way to get started with model merging and MergeKit is to follow the open source repo guide to installation and getting started.

Purpose built for SLMs

Train, deploy, and continuously maintain your AI for any use case

Thanks to the domain adaptability of our product, you can efficiently train and deploy your own SLMs across a plethora of use cases, whether it is for internal tooling, or for your customers.

And any use case that suits your organizational needs

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