About Arcee

Pioneering end-to-end small, specialized, secure and scalable language models

Arcee exists to enable the development and advancement of what we coin as SLMs—small, specialized, secure, and scalable language models. By offering a unique SLM Adaptation System and a seamless, secure integration, Arcee empowers enterprises like yours to harness the full potential of domain adapted language models, enabling you to drive transformative innovation in your operations.

Our Story

Arcee AI's Mark McQuade, Jacob Solawetz and Brian Benedict

The story of Arcee originates from a fortuitous encounter between three Co-Founders. Fueled by their enthusiasm for the boundless possibilities of AI in the corporate realm, they envisioned a platform that would enable enterprises to retain control over their data while leveraging it to fuel unparalleled innovation.

Collaborating with organizations like Bloomberg, renowned for their creation of Bloomberg GPT, they witnessed firsthand the profound impact of Language Model advancements in heavily regulated industries. Today, Arcee materializes as a dynamic amalgamation of innovators from Roboflow and Hugging Face, united in their mission to bestow fresh in-domain capabilities and expertise to empower enterprises.

Our Team

Profile image of Mark McQuade.

Mark McQuade

Profile image of Jacob Solawetz.

Jacob Solawetz

Profile image of Brian Benedict.

Brian Benedict

Profile image of Shamane Siri.

Shamane Siri, PhD

Head of Applied NLP
Research Engineering
Profile image of Luke Meyers.

Luke Meyers

Sr. Applied NLP Research Engineer
Profile image of Vlad Karpukhin.

Vlad Karpukhin

Sr. Applied NLP Research Engineer
Profile image of Mike Nason.

Mike Nason

Founding Engineer
Profile image of Malikeh Ehghaghi.

Malikeh Ehghaghi

Applied NLP Research Engineer
Profile image of Tyler Odenthal.

Tyler Odenthal

Solutions Engineer Lead

Charles Goddard

Senior Research Engineer

Mary MacCarthy


Traun Leyden

Sr. Deep Learning Engineer

Erik Orth

Research Engineer

Rivindu Weerasekara 

 Machine Learning Engineer

Jamie MacKillop

Software Engineer

Thomas Gauthier

Research Engineer

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