Secure and specialized SLMs for healthcare

Build specialized models for patients and healthcare professionals

Language models can be extremely valuable in the healthcare sector, with a multitude of potential use cases that enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and reach of healthcare services. Discover how Arcee’s end-to-end SLM adaptation system can help you build SLMs specialized for your healthcare org.

Infinitely scalable

Discover potential uses cases in healthcare and their benefits


Coding and Billing

Arcee’s DALM can assist in coding medical procedures and generating billing statements, reducing administrative load on medical staff.

Reduce administrative errors
Increase efficiency
Improve revenue cycle management

Clinical Trial Matching

Arcee’s DALM can help you build SLMs that analyze patient data and match eligible patients to appropriate clinical trials.

Increase trial enrollment
Accelerate research
Provide patients access to new treatments

Treatment Planning

Build an SLM triaging patient data and the latest clinical guidelines to suggest potential treatment plans.

Assist in personalized care planning
Improve treatment decision-making
Provide a 360 degree view of treatment options

Patient Communication

Use your SLM to automate patient inquiry responses, schedule appointments, or provide general health advice through chatbots.

Ensure 24/7 availability
Reduce staff workload
Improve patient engagement and satisfaction

Diagnosis Assistance

By analyzing patient symptoms, history, and the latest medical research, your SLM can suggest  diagnoses for further professional evaluation.

Assist in differential diagnosis
Help uncover rare or overlooked conditions
Support decision making of practitioners

Medical Documentation and Notes

Build SLMs to transcribe and analyze clinical notes, medical records, and discharge summaries.

Save time for healthcare professionals
Reduce transcription errors
Leave more time for patient care and engagement
Purpose built for SLMs

Train, deploy, and continuously maintain your AI for any use case

Thanks to the domain adaptability of our product, you can efficiently train and deploy your own SLMs across a plethora of use cases, whether it is for internal tooling, or for your customers.

And any use case that suits your organizational needs

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