The engine that drives your SLMs

SLM Adaptation System

Arcee's proprietary SLM domain adaptative language model system helps you adapt and align your AI to your data, leading to more efficient and accurate training of your own SLMs.

Why Arcee's SLM Adaptation

Our unique approach to
SLM adaptation

With Arcee's SLM Adaptation system, you do not have to worry about fine-tuning, infrastructure set-up, and all the other complexities involved in stitching together solutions using a plethora of not-built-for-purpose tools.

A unique end-to-end system

Adaptation, Alignment, and Retrieval-Augmented Generation all in one system


Optimizing continual pre-training for model enrichment with proprietary data.


Ensuring that domain-specific models offer a smooth experience


Creating a production-friendly RAG-pipeline that offers ongoing support

Purpose built for SLMs

Train, deploy, and continuously maintain your AI for any use case

Thanks to the domain adaptability of our product, you can efficiently train and deploy your own SLMs across a plethora of use cases, whether it is for internal tooling, or for your customers.

And any use case that suits your organizational needs

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