Seamlessly Merge, Train, & Deploy your own Small Language Models (SLMs) in a few clicks, right in your browser

Arcee Cloud is our hosted SaaS end-to-end platform.

Securely merge, train, and deploy the most accurate domain-adapted LLMs in an easy-to-use UI.

Go from dataset to deployment  
of models YOU own.

Build and train your model with just a few clicks in your browser, leveraging the latest open source models.

Incredibly efficient training opens new possibilities.

Our training routines are so efficient that you can easily re-retrain on updated data, and/or on the newest open source models.

How does Arcee AI’s Spectrum-Powered Training
& Model Merging
platform work?

Create your dataset

Upload your corpus of text data

Train and Merge

Train & Merge a custom language model tailored to your use case


Model Merging or
Evolutionary Model Merging

Supervised Fine-Tuning

Direct Preference
Optimization (DPO)

Deploy your model

One-click deployment of your model to any platform or environment of your choosing, including to Arcee Cloud

Start training your own domain-adapted SLM right now

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right in your browser, with Arcee Cloud.

Arcee  Enterprise

Arcee Enterprise offers the same state-of-the-art SLM merging and training system as Arcee Cloud, but is fully deployed in your VPC – guaranteeing the highest level of data security, compliance, and integrity.

Data security is one of the top concerns companies face when implementing generative AI.

Arcee Enterprise is the ideal language model solution for customers in sectors that involve regulated and/or sensitive data, including:


Reach out to our team at to learn more about how we can provide you with industry-leading SLMs while also ensuring the highest of security standards. 

Arcee AI customers say

“Arcee AI is one of MongoDB’s most successful AI startup partners. They specialize in training Small Language Models (SLMs) that are tailored to customer’s specific data, using two groundbreaking techniques – Model Merging and Spectrum. Their process not only enhances efficiency but also ensures limitless scalability across a diversity of business applications.”

“Guild's SLM far exceeds any commercially-available foundational model! The SLM's domain expertise and tone mirrors that of our own team. We are very grateful for our partnership with Arcee AI and look forward to continuing to update and evolve our AI strategy with them.”

“As a young security and compliance start-up, time is of the essence. We have been blown away by Arcee AI’s ability to drive production results for our model deployment and at a fraction of the cost.”

"Arcee AI are at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution when it comes to building direct and distinct value for enterprise. The future of Generative AI will be based on specialized language models and Arcee are already delivering on that vision"

Davit Buniatyan

“Arcee AI paves the way in domain-specific SLM development. We’ve collaborated on ‘PatentPT’, a patent search and generation engine comprising a memory agent powered by Activeloop Deep Lake for accurate search and retrieval across millions of patents – and a combination of bespoke and fine-tuned SLMs by Arcee AI. If you’re looking for a great partner that has the best expertise in unlocking the value of language models for your private data at a reasonable cost, Arcee is the perfect choice.”

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TL;DR What Makes Arcee AI Different


Make your GenAI ambitions a reality with Arcee AI’s end-to-end system for merging, training, and deploying Small Language Models (SLMs).

Try our hosted SaaS, Arcee Cloud, right now – or get in touch to learn more about Arcee Enterprise.

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